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HHS Stop, Shop, ’n Go provides a convenient shopping location and quality school supplies at reasonable prices. Please visit and let our courteous bookstore staff help you! If there is an item that you need, please let us know in advance and we will try to get it for you.

Teachers, if there are items that you want your students to have for class, please let us know in advance and we will try to stock up as soon as possible.

Monday thru Thursday
7:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Upstairs, Teal Hall
Room 201  


Special Offers and Other Fabulous Deals!

The Bookstore has special deals for you!

Pens (red, blue, black) $0.25   Index Cards (Large) $2.00
Pencils $0.25   Calculators $5.00
Highlighters (small) $0.50   Folders (with or without pockets) $0.50
Highlighters (large) $0.75   Poster Board $1.00
Highlighters (4 pack) $1.50   Report Folders $1.00
1 subject spiral notebooks $1.00   Pencil Erasers $0.25
Notebook Paper $1.00   Mechanical Pencils $0.50
Rulers $0.75   Lead Refills $1.00
Spanish/English Dictionary $3.00   Book Covers $1.00
Dividers $1.00   Compass $1.00
Index Cards (Small) $1.00      

Spirit Items

Show your Hurricanes Spirit!

Short Sleeve T-Shirts 2XL-3XL $14.00-$15.00   Short Sleeve T-Shirts $12-14
Long Sleeve T- Shirt  2XL- 3XL $17.00-$18.00   Long Sleeve  T- Shirts ( S-XL) &15.00
Beanie Hats with Ball $15.00   Hoodies (S-XL) $20.00-$23.00
Beanie Hats without Ball $10.00   Scarves $10.00



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