Heritage High School

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The staff at Heritage will employ engaging techniques to engage and support the youth.  In doing so, a Youth Development Team has been developed to address their future.  


        Youth Development  

The Goal

All young people can be successful when offered the right combination of opportuinities, supports and services.  The Department of Youth Development operates o premise that all young  people will be successful when offered the right combination of opportuinites, supports, and services to help them develop in a positive way. The faculty of  Heritage High School  are dedicated to helping young people make positvie changes no matter what circumstances they face.

Vision of Heritage High 

All members of the Heritage High School family will be inspired and equipped to become self-directed leaders who yearn for personal excellence.

Upcoming Events

Project Inclusion First Reunion- October 10, 2014

Get-It-Together Seatbelt Challenge Kick-off Breakfast- October 15, 2014

PSAT Day- October 15,2014

Red Ribbon Week- October 23-31, 2014

Mix-It-Up Lunch- October 28, 2014

Leader's Code

" I become a leader by what I do. I know my strengths and my weakness and I strive constantly for self-improvement. I live by a moral code, with which I set an example that others can emulate.  I know my job and I carry out the spirit as well as the letter of orders I receive." 

"I take the initiative and seek responsibilities, and I face situations with boldness and confidence.  I estimate the situations and make my own decisions as to the best course of action."





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