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Family University NetworkFamily University Network (FUN) offers free workshops to parents and interested community members who want to help children do well in school. Topics have included homework assistance, internet safety, building self-esteem, and behavior management. FUN is free and open to parents, guardians, family members, educators and others interested in helping children. When parents or community members complete four "FUN" workshops, they will earn a degree in FUN.

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Internet Safety

"The Internet is like the Wild West without a sheriff."

Internet Safety

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P2P Networking - Why is it dangerous?

Peer-to-Peer networking is to allow computers to communicate directly with each other, rather than through a central server like a website. Once you have a peer-to-peer application installed, you can allow anyone i world to copy files from your home PC. That means that anyone o Internet who is fairly savvy can access your hard-drive - including confidential documents. 35% of all P2Psharing is pornographic and can include viruses, trojans and spyware. View a list of P2P applications.


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