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  Gerald, N Shameka Principal  
  Smith, Natia Assistant Principal for Instruction  
  Ford,Diron Assistant Principal for Operations  
  Huffstetler, William Assistant Principal 10th & 11th grade Academics and Discipline  
  McDowell, Dean Assitant Principal 9th grade Academics and Discipline  
  Outland, Toinette - Governor's STEM Academy Program Director
- University Magnet Program Administrator
  Stafford, Regina Dr Assistant Principal 12th grade Academics and Discipline  

Office and Support Staff

  Armstead, Lori Attendance Secretary x.17501
  Crasno, Tammy Secretary x.17504
  Davis, Jenny Administrative Assistant x.17500
  Ferebee, Latonya Secretary x.17503
  Bryant, Valerie Lead Custodian x.17542
  Hofler, Sina Nurse x.17540
  Jones, Vicky Bookkeeper x.17508
  Adams, Vernell School Resource Officer x.17551
  Randolph, Sparkle Clinic Assistant x.17540
  Spruill,Joanne Lead Security Officer x.17550
  Chandler,Carl Student Support Assistant x.17202

Career and Technical Education

  Callwood, Chinell Department Lead, Technology Education x.17124
  Bradshaw, Renarda Marketing x.17117
  Cowling, Lenise Finance  
Teacher Website Dash, Darlene Work and Family Studies x.17141
  Faulk, Carrington Economics and Personal Finance, Sports Marketing, Fashion Marketing  
Teacher Website Gardner, Michael Military Science  
  Kennedy, James Technology Education x.17143
  Marioneaux, Mark Technology Education  
  Quinn, Lisa Economic and Personal Finance, Fashion Model, Sports and Entertainment Marketing  
Teacher Website Smith, Tiffanie Business; Finance x.17201
Teacher Website Stephens, Mia Business x.17242
Teacher Website Taylor, Chris Technology Education x.17101
Teacher Website Tyson,Eric Military Science x17162

English Department

  Crew, Angie Department Lead, English 11, STEMinar x.17207
Teacher Website Boachie, Felix PhotoJournalism; English 12, 10 , Photojournalism x.17222
  Bowers,Leslie English 9 x.17207
Teacher Website Figueroa, Mjanji English 9; 12 x.17107
  Grigg, Judith English Dual Enrollment TNCC x.17222
  Jennings, Nicole English 11; AP x.17112
Krause, Scott English 12; AP x.17145
  LaRue, Rebecca English 9 x.17148
  Rhodes, Melissa English 9 x.17210
  Rinaldi, Jillian English 10 x 17208
  Sarandria, Katie English Electives x.17149
Teacher Website Taloute, Ogelynn English 10; 12 x.17111
  Watkins, Daryl Englisn 9 x.17150
Teacher Website Watson, Demetris English 9; 10 x.17212

Fine Arts Department

  Arrington, Stephen Director of Bands x.17163
Scott, Micah Fine Arts x.17103
Teacher Website Simmons, Arcelia Chorus x.17161

Professional School Counseling Department

  Watson, Rick Director, Professonal School Counseling, Counselor (Williams-Z) x.17532
  Massenburg, Lekeya Professional School Counselor (A-Cousins) x.17533
  Kenner, Jason Professional School Counselor (Harrison - McBride) x.17537
  Sawyer, Connie Professional School Counselor (McCarty - Schneider) x.17534
  Holmes, Nakia Professional School Counselor (Scott - Wilkens) x.17536
  Carla Slaughter College Career Specialist x.17539
WebLink Gore, Stephanie School Social Worker x.80023
  Hart, Tracy Counselor's Office Secretary x.17530
  Massenburg, George Graduation Coach x.17694
  Morris-Mann, Andrea Student Assistance Counselor x.17538
  Nickens, Theresa School Psychologist x.80009
  Stephens, Deborah Registrar x.17502
  Williams-Tallon, Lanica Graduation Coach x.17693

Library and Media Services

  Hill, Charnetta Librarian x.17601
  Blowe, Daisy Library Assistant x.17602

Mathematics Department

  Monroe, Rodrick Department Lead, Geometry, Alg. Functions & Data x.17128
  Cannon, Michelle Cortez Math x.17113
  Gofney, Lilinau Algebra 1; Trig/Elem Functions x.17132
Teacher Website Granby, Maricia Algebra I & II x.17248
Teacher Website Grant, Stephen Algebra I & Geometry x.17252
  Horne, Britnee Alegebra Functions & Data x.17250
  Horton, Kimberly Algebra II & Trigonometry x.17129
Teacher Website Lovett, John Trigonometry & Algebra II x.17131
  Martin, Stephanie    
  Epps, Kristel Math Analysis; Calculus; Math Dept x.17130
  Mixon, Betty Geometry & Algebra 1 x.17127
  Smith, Tyler Geometry x.17121

Physical Education & Health

  Peters, Dwayne Athletic Director x.17660
  Bateman, Jacqueline Health/PE x.17662
  Hicks, Lloyd Equipment Manager Athletic Office
  Lowe, Caron Sports Medicine, Trainer x.17206
  Lowther, Kevin Health/PE x.17147
Teacher Website Plecker, Jamie Health / PE x.17149
  Ray, Roderick Health/ PE Gym
  Soles, Jarred Health/PE x.17661

Science Department

Teacher Website Crocker, John Department Lead; H. Biology; Anatomy; AP Environmental Science x.17204
  Armstrong, Alison Earth Science x.17243
  Barker,Stacy Physics x.17104
  Cruz, Tomas Zoology; Marine Biology; Biology x.17203
Teacher Website Dotse,Daniel Physics; AP Physics x.17144
Teacher Website Green, Yvonne
- Honors Chem Blog
Chemistry x.17104
Teacher Website Jones, Tracey Biology; Ecology x.17224
  Madison,Nicholas Earth Science; Astronomy x.17241
  Myers, Jacob Biology x.17123
Teacher Website Sanford, Tysha AP Biology; H. Biology; Forensics x.17223
Teacher Website Stachura, Krista Earth Science x.17244

Social Studies Department

Teacher Website Pierce, Scott Department Lead; World History ; H Va & US History x.17105
  Brookover, Danielle Practical Law; Sociology; World Geography x.17145
Teacher Website Burkart, Aaron World History; AP World History x.17232
Teacher Website Burkart, Ralph World History x.17229
  Cook, James AP Human Geography, H World Geography x.17230
  Couch, Jennifer AP/Honors US Government, Psychology, Sociology x.17231
  Dougherty, Matthew World Geography, Practical Law x.17151
Teacher Website Pierce, Lynne AP US History; Va &US History x.17109
Teacher Website Slonsky, Ingrid Government; H Va & US Government x.17106
Teacher Website Sorrell, Heather VA & US History x.17110
  Webb, Michelle H. World Geography & Government x.17108

Collaborative Services

  Williams, Regina Special Education Department Lead  
  Benz, Jennifer Teacher x.17233
  Bowens, Shelia Instructional Assistant  
  Brown,Wenda Instructional Assistant  
  Brown, Yvonne Teacher x.17245
  Castonguay, Lisa Teacher  
Teacher Website Harris, Tawanda Teacher x.17235
  Holeman, Ebony Teacher  
  Holmes, Ramona Teacher x.17145
  James, Charlotte Teacher x.17248
  Jefferies, NaShawn Teacher x.17154
  Padalino, Michael Teacher x.17203
  Porter, Lisa Teacher x.17102
  Smith, Carolyn Teacher x.17245
  Sutherland, Rebecca Teacher  
  Thomas, Angela Instructional Assistant  
  Townes, Antoinette Teacher  
  Wilkerson, Althea Instructional Assistant  

Technology Staff

  Dullas, Arcel Technical Support Specialist (TSS) x.17411
(collaborate) Johnson, Pam
Instructional Technology Coach (ITC) x.17413

World Languages

  Cate, Sally Department Lead - French x.17225
  Gouletas, Maria French I x 17209
  Johns, Donna Spanish III x.17226
  Palmieri, Marion German I; German III; German IV x.17228
Teacher Website Reese, Ayvonne Spanish II x.17125
  Rivera, Natali Spanish x.17227



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