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The 21st Century Digital Portfolio

As students progress through middle and high school in Newport News Public Schools, they will select a Career Pathway to help build skills necessary to transition from high school to postsecondary opportunities or the workplace.  During their years in middle and high school students will have the opportunity to develop a 21st Century Digital Portfolio, which will enable them to organize career goals, academic information, work samples and other documents that reflect the student’s activities during the middle and high school years. 

What is a digital portfolio?

A digital portfolio uses electronic technologies, which allow the student to collect and organize portfolio artifacts in many media types (audio, video, graphics, and text.)  Students will organize documents and work samples around their selected Career Pathway, plus reflection statement oir collection of artifacts and reflection o portfolio as a whole.  All tenth grade students at Heritage will create a digital portfolio for their selected Career Pathway this year. 

What goes i Digital Portfolio?

Think about the story that your portfolio will tell about you.  Your portfolio should include items i following categories:

  • Student as a Planner:  Goals essay, Career Plan, Transcript, 6-year Plan, and a Personal Statement, Kuder assessment
  • Student as a Learner: Course work entries, industry Certifications, Dual Enrollment
  • Student as a Citizen:  Citizen Summary, Personal Entries, Summary of Community Service, and Summary of School Activities
  • Student as an Employee:  Resume, Letters of Recommendation, Job Shadowing/Internship/Mentoring documents, Character Reference, or Employer Evaluation.

You can start your portfolio by putting forth your best effort on your assignments in class because these items can be saved and placed in your digital portfolio. 

You must select two (2) products from each course this year to save in your portfolio.  Each product must have 4 reflections with it - a reflection from each of the four types i Reflection Questions.

Templates & Handouts for Portfolios 




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